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What the Heck is RSS?

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What is a podcast?

Why would I want to subscribe?

The main benefit of subscribing to The Unreal OC is that, by doing so, new episodes of The Unreal OC will be automatically downloaded to your computer. This removes the chore of checking for new episodes.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

Nothing – honest! ‘Subscribe’ is a word most people attribute to magazines, so the brain automatically tags it with ‘subscription fee.’ In the world of RSS – at least as it pertains to The Unreal OC – there is no fee, obligation or request for personal information. Registration IS NOT required to subscribe.

OK - What is RSS?

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RSS is the format used for syndicating news-like sites, news content (podcasts), and weblogs. When information is syndicated for the web, it becomes accessible through an "RSS feed." You know that an RSS feed is available to "subscribe" to when you see those orange xml icons and other buttons like them.

Reading syndicated content is done one of two ways, generally speaking - either through a website that translates syndicated content into a readable web page (such as Bloglines) or through what is commonly known as desktop RSS Reader (there are now multiple RSS readers you can download for free).

If you have ever tried to click on the orange icon without having an RSS Reader or an account with a search property (such as My Yahoo!) - then you likely saw a bunch of meaningless code. Fortunately, all the latest web browsers (Internet Explorer 7, for example) will soon have "subscribe" buttons on their toolbars that will make subscribing to RSS feeds much more intuitive.

No doubt, subscribing to RSS feeds will become just as common as book marking web pages - perhaps even more so -- and will be a normal part of web surfing as more website owners take advantage of using RSS feeds.

I click on the RSS button on your home page and a page of code comes up – I’m about ready to give up! What’s this all about?!?

Don’t worry about the code. All you need is the link you see in your browser’s address bar. Copy that then paste it in whatever news aggregator you choose. Yahoo! Has a new service for subscribing to feeds: Here’s a terrific site that allow you to build your own, free home page which also contains news feed (aggregator) features: Then there’s

Hope this helps. For specific questions – email me, and I’ll try to help.

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